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L'Aquila Crest FINAL.png




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The L'Aquila Tradition 

At Fincas L'Aquila we're committed to providing our loyal coffee fans with a premium "farm to cup" coffee experience that starts at the source. Our farms take great care in the coffee growing process from start to finish. We begin by planting only the highest quality coffee trees. We cultivate our farms twice each year using all natural soil nutrients to help ensure a robust harvest and an optimal taste experience with each and every cup. Our award winning single origin and premium blend coffee is then roasted to perfection before being enjoyed by coffee lovers around the world. 

We take part in Fair Trade practices and have a philosophy of giving back to the local workers and their communities. Part of the revenue generated from Fincas L’Aquila goes back into the areas surrounding our farms to help fund education initiatives within schools, churches and community centers. These projects help provide an easily accessible, quality education for the children in these remote areas. 

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